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204: The Film Room: Floyd Mayweather Mindset, Pt. 1: How to Build CERTAINTY

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When studying and analyzing the legendary Floyd Mayweather, one of his core principles and traits is what I call CERTAINTY. It’s like confidence on steroids… It’s about KNOWING from your core that you’re the best. But how did he create this characteristic? And is this a quality that anyone can adopt, or is he just a cocky guy who was born that way? I show you how and why he’s so certain, and how you can be the same way.

Episode 204 Time Stamps:
(2:30) Welcome back to the Film Room Series!
(3:39) “Shyness is a fluid quality” – Robert Greene (50th Law)
(5:40) Floyd. MONEY. Mayweather.
(6:40) Cognitive Biases.
(8:17) The “Liking-Bias” | Charlie Munger’s, “Poor Charlie’s Almanac”
(11:44) Floyd is “arrogant”
(11:55) Clip #1: “They can’t f— with me”
(15:47) Clip #2: There’s NO ONE else.
(16:45) Clip #3: So easy.
(18:02) Clip #4: Dedicated to the craft.
(19:01) Clip #5: I will always find a way to win.
(20:11) Clip #6: Stay FOCUSED.
(22:31) Clip #7: Pressure.
(25:08) Clip #8: Training Affirmations.
(25:40) Clip #9: “Can’t no fighter beat me!”
(27:03) Clip #10: Winning.
(28:18) Clip #11: Victor Ortiz.
(28:52) Clip #12: Manny Pacquiao.
(29:29) Clip #13: Ricky Hatton.
(30:27) If you want to adopt this level of Certainty, take these steps.
(30:40) Step 1: The DECISION to be great.
(31:37) Step 2: Work your tail off.
(31:53) Step 3: NOTICE, and highlight, everything that makes you confident and certain.
(32:28) Step 4: Positive Affirmations.
(33:01) Question 1: What is your certainty level?
(33:26) Question 2: What do you say to yourself or others, that drains your confidence?
(34:00) Question 3: What is the reason why you talk yourself down?
(34:45) Question 4: How will you build certainty TODAY?

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203: How to end procrastination and laziness forever

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How often do you skip out on workouts, check out early in training and practice, or put off your most important projects? How much money do you think you’ve lost so far as a result of laziness and a lack or urgency? In this episode, I show you how to wire yourself to be different from everyone else who is lazy and puts off what is most important. I show you how to train yourself to get things done and make the progress your vision needs you to make.

Episode 203 Time Stamps:
(1:21) Do you procrastinate?
(1:51) Rory Vaden’s, “Procrastinate on Purpose”
(2:57) A tough decision that caused procrastination: “Should I quit?”
(4:47) We naturally AVOID PAIN to RECEIVE PLEASURE.
(6:07) Are you skipping your workout today?
(8:45) Did you hit the snooze button today?
(11:12) How to end the procrastination and laziness that prevents you from succeeding.
(12:47) You must train yourself—to continuously motivate yourself.
(13:38) #1: Become GOAL-ORIENTED.
(14:30) #2: Every daily action is meticulously-framed.
(16:41) Investor’s mentality: Asymmetrical risk and reward.
(18:39) “Blood in the water”
(19:37) Karen Pryor’s, “Don’t Shoot the Dog!”
(21:44) #3: Seek extreme mentor-ship.
(24:12) #4: Call BS on yourself—don’t wait.
(27:30) #5: Put your money where your mouth is!
(32:06) Be afraid of the right things…

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202: How to read more books and get more out of them

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Do you buy books but not read them? Do you struggle to make practical use of what you read? In this episode, I share my belief system and practical approach towards reading, and show you how you can read and actually apply what you learn to 10x your results.

Episode 202 Time Stamps:
(1:21) Don’t be an idiot…
(4:06) Do you read just to READ?
(4:50) The most important thing = MINDSET.
(7:17) Mindset shift #1: All these books are owned by me, and are now my lifetime resources.
(9:47) “Niyi, I can’t afford books…”
(11:36) Mindset shift #2:  I don’t have to read from start to finish.
(13:51) Mindset shift #3: Books are not “expensive”.
(16:10) Mindset shift #4: If someone I admire/trust recommends a books to me, I buy it and don’t think twice.
(20:31) The strategy: How to read more and get more out of it.
(20:57) #1: Know what the F@$k you want from life!
(21:13) S/o to Robert Greene; when your MOTIVATION level is high, you learn FASTER.
(22:40) #2: Know specifically and precisely, what is preventing you from getting what you want.
(23:18) #3: Buy books that teach you how to overcome these setbacks.
(24:24) #4: Before you read, remind yourself why you’re reading this book.
(25:45) #5: I read in spurts and chunks.
(26:19) #6: Reinforce it, and repeat it.
(30:17) #7: Create a BOOK VAULT.
(31:31) What beliefs hold you back from reading?
(32:02) What can you take-away from my G-Code?

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201: How to prioritize and make decisions faster

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How do you get it all done? What happens when you have a lot of goals, but some goals take up all of your time? I share my experience with prioritization, and how to set up your life to maximize results, instead of treading water.

Episode 201 Time Stamps:
(1:21) The world needs more people like YOU!
(4:11) Can you really just focus on ONE thing? | Gary Keller, “The One Thing”
(5:12) Life is like a Thanksgiving meal…
(9:16) Every single area of your life matters.
(11:17) #1: Set a vision for each category of your life.
(12:32) #2: Identify which areas are MOST important to you.
(15:08) #3: Rank, in terms of importance.
(16:20) #4: Commit the most time, to the most important.
(17:42) #5: Systemize your other categories, for steady growth.
(18:26) #6: Renovation time.
(20:18) “What do I MOST want?” & “What’s in my way?”
(21:14) “What does this specific area need from me, right now?

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200: Relationship Issues, Part 1: How to get your wife on board with your goals and vision

Look at all of the most successful athletes, most of them struggle at some point in their careers with relationship issues. None of us are immune. How do you get your wife or partner on board with your goals? What do you do when they complain that you spend too much time at the gym or at work? How do you stay on track and manage your time while making them happy? It’s not easy, and I’m certainly no Dr. Phil… but I am a husband, and I can share with you what I have learned to be the major keys in staying ambitious without sacrificing your relationships. Enjoy part 1 of this series, and click the link in my bio to listen.

Episode 200 Time Stamps:
(1:20) 4th quarter mentality
(2:56) Preface: I am not a relationship guru.
(4:15) How to get your partner on board with your goals.
(4:33) Do you feel “held-back”?
(6:10) Here’s a reality check for you.
(7:03) Take ownership of YOUR s**t
(8:16) “Those who don’t feel control, are the least happy.”
(9:07) Martin Seligman, “Learn Helplessness”
(9:42) What to expect on this mini-series | Problem -> Root Cause -> New Plan
(10:56) Today’s ROOT CAUSE | Ray Dalio’s, “Principles”
(12:43) Your partner might feel like you put your work, before them…
(13:58) Do you have to prioritize things this way?
(15:59) Breakthrough: Focus on your partner’s FEELING.
(17:45) Following? Let’s design today’s PLAN
(18:47) 1: Learn your partner’s ‘love recipe’ | Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages”
(20:40) ASK. LISTEN.
(23:22) 2: Spend regular amounts of time with your partner.
(25:46) 3: Do whatever it takes to get your partner what he/she needs.
(28:58) Simon Senek’s, “Leaders Eat Last”
(29:40) Stay tuned for more relationship realities.

GPS - Aggressive Goal Execution System

199: How to handle problems and challenges like a boss

Do you still look at problems and challenges like they are a bad thing? Do you complain about them? Do you wish they weren’t there? Do you look for people to feel sorry for you? If you do, this episode will be a wake up call. You can’t afford to look at problems the same way everyone else does. In this episode, I show you how to approach them differently; like a boss. Like a champion. Like someone who is actually going to succeed.

Episode 199 Time Stamps:
(2:10) How to deal with problems and challenges
(4:20) You haven’t reached your potential yet…
(6:16) What most people do, Pt. 1: They complain
(6:52) What most people do, Pt. 2: Run away from the pain
(7:33) What most people do, Pt. 3: Problems “aren’t that bad…”
(7:58) What most people do, Pt. 4: They make the problem “justified”
(8:50) What most people do, Pt. 5: Blame-game.
(9:09) What most people do, Pt. 6: Braggadocios people.
(9:41) Do NOT fall into any of these six categories.
(11:30) Problems are SIGNALS. | Ray Dalio’s “Principles”
(11:53) Challenges force you to step your game up.
(14:16) “Situation” > “Problem” | Tim Grover’s, “Relentless”
(14:35) Make it look easy!
(15:30) How to approach problems in a new way
(15:40) Solutions, Pt. 1: Recognize the problem, and get PISSED about it.
(16:29) Solutions, Pt. 2: CALM yourself down.
(16:48) Solutions, Pt. 3: ANALYZE and SELL yourself on solving the problem.
(17:46) Solutions, Pt. 4: Look ahead
(18:00) Solutions, Pt. 4: Identify the underlying, root cause of your problem.
(19:06) Solutions, Pt. 5: Create a PLAN.
(21:57) What problems need solving today?