202: How to read more books and get more out of them

202: How to read more books and get more out of them

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Do you buy books but not read them? Do you struggle to make practical use of what you read? In this episode, I share my belief system and practical approach towards reading, and show you how you can read and actually apply what you learn to 10x your results.

Episode 202 Time Stamps:
(1:21) Don’t be an idiot…
(4:06) Do you read just to READ?
(4:50) The most important thing = MINDSET.
(7:17) Mindset shift #1: All these books are owned by me, and are now my lifetime resources.
(9:47) “Niyi, I can’t afford books…”
(11:36) Mindset shift #2:  I don’t have to read from start to finish.
(13:51) Mindset shift #3: Books are not “expensive”.
(16:10) Mindset shift #4: If someone I admire/trust recommends a books to me, I buy it and don’t think twice.
(20:31) The strategy: How to read more and get more out of it.
(20:57) #1: Know what the F@$k you want from life!
(21:13) S/o to Robert Greene; when your MOTIVATION level is high, you learn FASTER.
(22:40) #2: Know specifically and precisely, what is preventing you from getting what you want.
(23:18) #3: Buy books that teach you how to overcome these setbacks.
(24:24) #4: Before you read, remind yourself why you’re reading this book.
(25:45) #5: I read in spurts and chunks.
(26:19) #6: Reinforce it, and repeat it.
(30:17) #7: Create a BOOK VAULT.
(31:31) What beliefs hold you back from reading?
(32:02) What can you take-away from my G-Code?

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