201: How to prioritize and make decisions faster

201: How to prioritize and make decisions faster

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How do you get it all done? What happens when you have a lot of goals, but some goals take up all of your time? I share my experience with prioritization, and how to set up your life to maximize results, instead of treading water.

Episode 201 Time Stamps:
(1:21) The world needs more people like YOU!
(4:11) Can you really just focus on ONE thing? | Gary Keller, “The One Thing”
(5:12) Life is like a Thanksgiving meal…
(9:16) Every single area of your life matters.
(11:17) #1: Set a vision for each category of your life.
(12:32) #2: Identify which areas are MOST important to you.
(15:08) #3: Rank, in terms of importance.
(16:20) #4: Commit the most time, to the most important.
(17:42) #5: Systemize your other categories, for steady growth.
(18:26) #6: Renovation time.
(20:18) “What do I MOST want?” & “What’s in my way?”
(21:14) “What does this specific area need from me, right now?

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