If you’re reading this, you’re someone who is a high performer, or at the very least someone who is looking to get an edge in their sport and take their game to new levels.

So the question is this…

What is it that ALL high performers have in common?


Muhammad Ali.

Cristiano Ronaldo.


Warren Buffett.

Aaron Rodgers.

We like to put people like this on a pedestal, and tell ourselves the story that they were destined to be great, and that they have some mysterious “clutch gene”.

But in reality, that’s not the case at all.

What separates them from everyone else is their MINDSET.

Think about it.

It’s their philosophies, their beliefs, and mentality that leads them to take actions that are much different from the rest. It leads them to push themselves to insane levels and set a standard that most don’t understand. It leads them to have dog-like tenacity when everyone else gives up.

Their habits look different. Their systems they have for dominating, day in and day out….they look dramatically different than 98% of their competition.

This is what fascinated me after my career in the NFL. My whole career I was never the biggest, fastest or strongest, but I somehow managed to make my way up the totem pole, year by year.

I saw firsthand, after playing with some of the best athletes in the world, that it wasn’t the strength and physical prowess that separated the good from the best. There were a lot of athletes who had physical gifts and were even skilled, but still couldn’t deliver, and never made it far.

It was their approach to the game. Their mindset. What I call a G-Code.

So when I began training athletes, helping them get bigger faster and stronger after I retired from the NFL, the a-ha moment hit me like a freight train….

What these athletes need is not more workout routines.

I saw so many athletes who were committed and sincerely wanted to have a dominant mindset.

Their problem wasn’t that they didn’t work hard, or that they didn’t know how to know how to google “diets for athletes”.

It was that no one actually taught them how to build that supreme confidence, and sustain it even when things aren’t going their way.

No one showed them how to create that killer instinct, and ultimately perform when it mattered most.

No one had taught them how to set a goal and relentlessly and systematically pursue it until it’s accomplished.

And that is how and why I’m Not You was born.

I’m Not You is the philosophy and systems I created to answer the question…

How do you build supreme confidence, and ultimately dominate under pressure?

What are the habits, the mindset, and the systems an athlete needs in order to consistently dominate?

“I’m Not You” is comprised of the methods I have created over several years, through thousands of athletes and executives I’ve coached, and hundred and hundreds of podcasts recorded.

I am committed to showing you how to build supreme confidence and dominate under pressure.

If that sounds appealing to you, you’re in the right place.