187: The Film Room: Michael Jordan Mindset, Pt. 1 “Mental Alchemy”

187: The Film Room: Michael Jordan Mindset, Pt. 1 “Mental Alchemy”

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Welcome back to the FILM ROOM! This month’s series features the legendary, Michael Jordan. Part one is focused on what Robert Greene refers to as one’s “Mental Alchemy”. Tune in to MJ’s strategy towards trash-talk, negativity, competition, as he transforms them into successes. Sometimes you gotta play tricks on your own mind to see unbelievable results.

Episode 187 Time Stamps:
(4:00) A prelude to today’s Film Room episode: My gift to you
(6:39) The JORDAN series…
(7:57) Jordan’s “Mental Alchemy”
(9:05) A passage from Marcus Aurelius’, “Meditations”
(11:19) Clip #1: FAILURE
(12:43) Clip #2: Trick yourself to find an edge.
(13:31) A few excerpts from MJ’s book, “Driven From Within”
(18:28) Clip #3: Trash-talk with Reggie Miller
(21:28) Clip #4: News reporters
(22:43) Clip #5: Game to game challenges
(24:33) Clip #6: Tony Kukoc on lockdown
(27:59) Clip #7: Leroy Smith
(28:48) Clip #8: Van Gundy
(29:07) Clip #9: Don’t hurt MJ’s feelings.
(30:35) Clip #10: Doug Collins
(34:44) We all have the power…
(35:26) Self-reflection questions
(38:03) See you Monday for Part 2!

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