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194: Mindset Reality Check Series, Part 3: Through the Fire

On the other side of pain, there’s pleasure. All you gotta do is go through the fire! You’ve heard that the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence”, right? Why not find out for yourself? Humans are naturally accustomed to seek comfort and avoid painful experiences. Make the shift, and train your mind to push past your normal limits. Grab a trustworthy friend and talk your obstacles through. Then, overcome.

Episode 194 Time Stamps:
(1:21) Workout “revelations”
(3:34) Brief recap of Parts 1 and 2
(5:22) What to expect in today’s Part 3 episode…
(5:53) Charlie Munger’s “Poor Charlie’s Almanac” | David Buss’, “Evolutionary Psychology”
(6:46) As humans… we run away from pain. Our brains and bodies have not kept up with the rapidly evolving technology advancements.
(7:00) Life story: I thought my marriage was over…
(11:39) Lesson learned: Honestly… I was avoiding the “reality”
(13:33) On the other side of pain, there’s pleasure.
(13:48) Another life story: Did I bite off more than I can chew?
(14:28) Another lesson learned: Lock yourself in your office and settle it.
(16:30) Parenting is one of the toughest things to do (in my opinion)
(19:40) Learn to deal with internal and external conflict.
(20:12) #1: Realize that your faulty beliefs are like shit… Don’t hold it in.
(21:02) #2: Know your outcomes.
(21:16) #3: Know your chokeholds.
(21:31) #4: Talk your obstacles through, with someone you trust.
(21:50) #5: Get it all out.
(22:04) #6: Never let any belief go unchallenged.
(23:04) Gross story: S****y diaper…
(25:48) What’s your game-plan?

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193: Mindset Reality Check Series, Part 2: Pay The Cost

A wise man once said, that you can have anything—but you can’t have everything. You’ll have to sacrifice some of the things you love the most, in order to get to your most desired result(s). Understand that there’s a price to pay, and as much as it may hurt you, it’s for the better. Make sure you’re up to date with tuesday’s part one episode before tuning in. Welcome back, to another mindset reality check!

Episode 193 Time Stamps:
(1:20) Did you listen to Part 1?
(2:28) Pay the cost to be the boss.
(4:00) My “floater” phase as a firefighter
(6:30) I’m a father and a husband, too.
(7:06) Here’s why I quit as a firefighter.
(9:51) You can accomplish what you say you want.
(10:36) CHECK IT: You’re gonna have to give SOMETHING up…
(15:21) You must become SUPER clear about what you want.
(17:08) Step 1 of 8: Pay the CO$T.
(17:35) Step 2 of 8: Settle the pleasure-pain conflict.
(19:27) Step 3 of 8: Anticipate all obstacles and challenges.
(22:27) Step 4 of 8: Champion’s attitude.
(23:38) Step 5 of 8: Never complain.
(24:47) Step 6 of 8: Mitigate all weaknesses.
(25:48) Step 7 of 8: Be weary of easy gains; always know the process.
(27:04) Step 8 of 8: Know the PRICE, and do NOT steal.
(28:50) What a result that you want? What will you have to sacrifice?

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192: Mindset Reality Check Series, Part 1: Own Your Results

The truth is, we’re too easy on ourselves. The essence of a reality check is to immediately shift our mindset for proper action. Look… you’re probably leaving money on the table right now; so I’m here to help you get up and earn it. Tune in to part one of our Mindset Reality Check mini-series, to learn from my toughest life lessons, and apply nine crucial steps to your lifestyle so you can OWN your results.

Episode 192 Time Stamps:
(1:21) “Busy”
(3:23) Back in the booth!
(4:14) The beginning of our 3-part “Mindset Reality Check” series
(6:30) True story: “5 watches”
(14:56) Lesson learned: No ones cares.
(15:55) CHECK IT: Are you really losing sleep?
(17:06) The birth of my first son (at 20 years old)
(18:48) CHECK IT: Who in your life, can you REALLY count on?
(20:12) True story: My NFL shoulder injury…
(22:28) Lesson Learned: Take responsibility for YOUR results.
(22:32) Your wake up call… Be the LION of the jungle.
(25:37) Step 1 of 9: GRIEVE properly.
(26:12) Step 2 of 9: Identify the PROBLEM.
(26:22) Step 3 of 9: Identify the GOLD.
(27:32: Step 4 of 9: RESOLVE for your benefit.
(28:52) Breakthrough moments through these two reads: Grant Cardone’s “10X Rule”, and Brian Tracy’s “Focal Point”
(29:28) Step 5&6 of 9: Create a PLAN. Then, EXECUTE.
(30:16) Step 7: Refuse to complain or seek sympathy.
(30:22) Step 8: Move QUICKLY.
(31:04) Step 9: DON’T EXPECT anyone to help you.
(31:26) Self Reliance; a concept from Robert Greene & 50 Cent’s “50th Law”
(31:39) What have you been waiting for?
(32:07) A dead giveaway of mentally-weak people…
(32:23) In conclusion…

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191: 17 questions that you must know the answers to

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The other day, I imagined knowing what I know now; as a young Freshmen in college. Today, I bring you 17 questions that you MUST know how to answer. My vision inspires me to pass down game that I’ve learned over the years, along to YOU; so you can become well-equipped and prepared for the big-leagues. It’s more than just consistent practice and improvements in the gym. Mapping out your future is a no-brainer. P.S… You might want to play this episode a few times until you’re set with your 17 answers.

Episode 191 Time Stamps:
(1:21) I’m giving ya’ll the game that I wish I knew when I was younger…
(3:05) Warren Buffet—“[It’s okay to learn from your mistakes; but better to learn from the mistakes of others.]”
(3:33) Consider this a 17-question audit…
(5:20) Question #1: Do you KNOW YOURSELF?
(5:55) Question #2: Do you know exactly what you need to BE, and DO, in order to produce your desired results?
(7:03) Question #3: (If you said “Yes” to #2) Have you created a PLAN for it?
(7:58) Question #4: Are you aware of your WEAKNESSES?
(8:42) Question #5: Do you know your VISION?
(9:05) Question #6: Do you have clear ONE-YEAR goals?
(9:20) Question #7: Have you created QUARTERLY goals?
(9:40) Question #8: From these goals, do you have DAILY actions laid out?
(10:06) Question #9: Are you able to articulate your GENERAL STRATEGY?
(10:50) Question #10: Do you have a MORNING ROUTINE? (and is it tailored to YOU?)
(11:12) Question #11: Do you know what your biggest chokeholds are?
(11:31) Question #12: (If you do know), Do you have a plan to attack and relieve your chokeholds?
(11:49) Question #13: Do you know the necessary EMOTIONAL STATE for high-performance?
(12:04) Question #14: Do you know how to get in the right state of mind?
(12:33) Question #15: Do you know all of the categories of life that must be managed?
(12:40) Question #16: Do you have a game-plan for your life categories?
(13:02) Question #17: Do you have the ability to influence others?
(13:33) Did you answer today’s 17-question reality check with 100% pure honesty?
(14:08) If you need help answering these questions, email me at [email protected]. If you want me to hold you accountable, join my coaching program. Follow through with my Killer Instinct training, and you WILL succeed.

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190: 4 fears you must overcome

I’m talkin’ FEAR…. No, not nightmares and clowns—this is much worse. We’re often stuck with this specific emotion that prevents us from reaching our maximum potential. Four “fears” came to mind in the midst of yesterday’s workout which we must overcome. Tune in to find out what they are, and stay tuned for a special affirmation track; equipped with a new set of beliefs that you can adopt today. Become FEARLESS.

Episode 190 Time Stamps:
(1:22) The meaning of fear, and how we perceive it.
(3:22) My whiteboard, aka my brainstorming tool
(4:44) 4 FEARS.
(5:16) Fear #1: The fear of BEING ALONE.
(7:11) Fear #2: The fear of FAILURE.
(7:45) “What if I don’t make it?”
(9:38) Fear #3: The fear of SUCCESS.
(10:52) Fear #4: The fear of the UNKNOWN.
(11:12) “The need for certainty is a disease.” -Robert Greene
(11:56) Your NEW affirmations.
(12:38) Turn up the volume for a special AFFIRMATION track!

189: The Film Room: Michael Jordan Mindset, Pt. 3 “Ruthless Competitor”

Some call MJ absurdly unique, making it seem impossible for a future athlete to fill his shoes. I call BS… MJ’s mindset is his strongest weapon, yet some just fail to realize it. Welcome to the final episode of the Film Room series; as we tap in to Michael’s mindset, as a “Ruthless Competitor”. Listen and learn how you can become a beast, like Mike. Until next time, stay tuned for the next Film Room Series!

Episode 189 Time Stamps:
(3:33) Welcome to the last installment of the Film Room Series, with basketball’s greatest; Michael Jordan.
(4:17) Where you at right now?
(4:54) A brief review of MJ’s “Mental Alchemy”, and “Gametime Mentality”
(6:28) Today’s topic: MJ’s “Ruthless Competition”
(6:45) Clip #1: “Cutt-throat”
(7:45) Evolutionary psychology… (Hunters and gatherers)
(9:13) The “Envy Bias”
(9:57) Michael Jordan’s, “For the Love of the Game”
(11:13) Clip #2: MJ’s favorite opponents.
(12:01) MJ’s perception of Larry Bird’s criticism.
(14:55) Clip #3: Nobody was as competitive as MJ.
(15:49) Clip #4: Clyde… Magic… NO COMPARISON.
(18:00) Clip #5: Who’s better?
(18:44) Clip #6: Play with a “statement”
(19:48) Clip #7: Nerves at MSG.
(20:55) Clip #8: Stand out from Magic.
(21:48) Clip #9: Every game is a “rivalry”.
(23:22) Clip #10: “They can’t win until we quit”.
(23:50) Clip #11: MJ’s desire to prove us wrong… (with baseball)
(24:13) Clip #12: Always sending a message.
(25:14) Clip #13: I might play at 50…
(26:40) What does this mean for you?
(28:13) It’s time to develop your competitive drive.
(28:45) A story about my kids: Using jealousy to fuel your drive.
(32:11) Reality check: How often do YOU get jealous??
(34:19) Does money motivate you more than anything else? | Shoutout to Tom Bilyeu!
(25:17) Q1: What is your story about competition?
(36:37) Q2: Do your insecurities drive you, or immobilize you?
(37:13) Q3: What are some unconscious rules you have set up, that are setting you up for failure?
(38:03) In conclusion…

Click the link to Get Ya Mind Right! —>

Thanks for listening to another Sports Motivation Podcast!

188: The Film Room: Michael Jordan Mindset, Pt. 2 “Gametime Mentality”

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The second installment of MJ’s Film Room series is all about his “Gametime Mentality”. Following Michael’s “Mental Alchemy”, today we talk about how to approach your game with laser-like focus. Get an inside scoop on how MJ handled his unique practices, and how repetition fostered his bulletproof nerves. Answer the three questions at the end of the episode, and stay tuned for the finale this Friday.

Episode 188 Time Stamps:
(3:33) Welcome to Part 2 of the film room!
(5:20) A brief review of MJ’s “Mental Alchemy”
(6:09) Today’s “Gametime Mentality” | Tim Grover’s, “Relentless”
(8:42) Clip #1: Practice = Play.
(10:05) Clip #2: Never complacent.
(11:48) Clip #3: Hunger through confidence.
(12:45) Clip #4: “Afraid”
(14:00) Clip #5: Steve Kerr on MJ.
(14:58) Clip #6: A typical practice routine for MJ.
(17:14) Clip #7: Work ethic eliminates the fear.
(17:51) Repetition brought success to MJ
(18:15) How does this apply to YOU?
(18:58) Q1: What is your current approach to practice?
(19:26) Q2: What’s holding you back from performing at a high level?
(20:22) Q3: What state of mind do you need that will most benefit you?
(20:45) Stay tuned for Episode 3 this Friday!

Email me your answers! [email protected]


187: The Film Room: Michael Jordan Mindset, Pt. 1 “Mental Alchemy”

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Welcome back to the FILM ROOM! This month’s series features the legendary, Michael Jordan. Part one is focused on what Robert Greene refers to as one’s “Mental Alchemy”. Tune in to MJ’s strategy towards trash-talk, negativity, competition, as he transforms them into successes. Sometimes you gotta play tricks on your own mind to see unbelievable results.

Episode 187 Time Stamps:
(4:00) A prelude to today’s Film Room episode: My gift to you
(6:39) The JORDAN series…
(7:57) Jordan’s “Mental Alchemy”
(9:05) A passage from Marcus Aurelius’, “Meditations”
(11:19) Clip #1: FAILURE
(12:43) Clip #2: Trick yourself to find an edge.
(13:31) A few excerpts from MJ’s book, “Driven From Within”
(18:28) Clip #3: Trash-talk with Reggie Miller
(21:28) Clip #4: News reporters
(22:43) Clip #5: Game to game challenges
(24:33) Clip #6: Tony Kukoc on lockdown
(27:59) Clip #7: Leroy Smith
(28:48) Clip #8: Van Gundy
(29:07) Clip #9: Don’t hurt MJ’s feelings.
(30:35) Clip #10: Doug Collins
(34:44) We all have the power…
(35:26) Self-reflection questions
(38:03) See you Monday for Part 2!

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