173: Jairek Robbins: Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach

173: Jairek Robbins: Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach

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Tune in to today’s interview as we welcome Jairek Robbins to the Sports Motivation Podcast! From best selling author, performance coach, and keynote speaker (just to name a few), expect a lively conversation that will improve your life in all aspects. Major takeaways from this interview include: how to manifest your most beneficial/positive emotions, the importance of establishing a concrete “North Star” vision, and the ultimate necessity of maintaining your health through proper sleep, nutrition, and movement. Be sure to keep that pen and pad ready, and don’t forget to check out Jairek’s bestselling Book, “Live It! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose”! Thanks for stopping by, Jairek!

Episode 173 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Jairek!
(2:13) Jairek’s story | The characteristics he’s developed from his parents | Money = “Don’t ask”
(16:15) The makings of your beliefs: 1. Observance, 2. Peer groups, 3. “Significant emotional experience”
(21:10) Charles Duhigg’s, “The Power of Habit” | What sets off the belief? | What’s the reward?
(26:43) Monitoring your nervous system during pressured situations
(30:30) What are your top 5 FAVORITE emotions to feel? | What are your top 5 NEGATIVE emotions to feel?
(37:33) Fueling emotions | Fast & Furious example
(42:15) BOOK: “The Happiness Hypothesis” | Pleasure vs. fulfillment
(44:57) A message for the ATHLETES: Power circle
(47:15) 11 key pieces that need to be PRESENT every day.
(47:29) Have a “NORTH STAR” vision
(48:50) Build the right habits and rituals that lead to your result | Charles Duhigg’s book, “The Power of Habit”
(51:35) Have a DEEP meaning and purpose
(55:35) Peer group metrics: 33% ahead of you | 33% is same level as you | 33% a couple steps behind you
(56:33) Learn how to be HAPPY | BOOK: “The Happiness Advantage”
(57:34) Total and absolute mental CLARITY | DEVICE: Muse
(1:01:55) Staying in a calm, focused place
(1:03:24) Sleep, nutrition, and movement
(1:05:59) Study on movement: Anti-depressant medication vs. Natural exercise
(1:12:35) Major keys to a healthy relationship | Give, not get
(1:14:36) Understandingmen.com – Allison Armstrong | Grab her resources!
(1:16:44) Helping a woman to vent
(1:22:20) Sleep, exercise, nutrition. It’s a collaborative effort.
(1:24:17) Showing love during the heroic moments.
(1:25:54) Women want to be understood.
(1:26:48) Reassurance.
(1:29:24) Look for Jairek on Udemy this fall! | BOOK: “Live It!” | All other resources below!