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177: Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu: Professional Muay Thai Fighter

Due to popular demand, we present to you, Sylvie Von Duuglas! She is a Muay Thai fighter based out of Thailand. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado and moved to Thailand in 2014 where she went on to compete in over 200 fights. She is an incredible athlete and has an remarkable mind as well. As you tune in, you can hear that she truly embodies the IMNOTYOU athlete, as she explains the mindset of a fighter. Listen up as we discuss her story, her habits of success, and her unique approach to fighting when she steps in the ring.

Episode 177 Time Stamps:
(1:23) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast Sylvie!
(3:23) Sylvie’s story
(5:03) The beginning of Sylvie’s Dominant Mindset
(7:40) Sylvie’s move to Thailand, from Colorado
(10:35) The results of being “married your craft”
(13:20) Grant Cardone, “Be Obsessed or Be Average”
(14:35) The “Ah-Ha” moments in Muay Thai training
(15:28) Tim Grover, “Relentless”
(18:24) Sylvie’s unique “self-talk” throughout her career
(19:53) “Comparison is the Thief of Joy” -Theodore Roosevelt
(20:14) Why we love the great boxers
(21:31) The mental game
(26:02) Sylvie’s weaknesses she defends
(29:52) The beginning of emotional pain awareness
(34:11) Differences between the United States and Thailand
(37:58) Cultural differences Sylvie has experienced
(42:22) How she stays on track with her momentum
(44:24) Sylvie’s ultimate vision for her career
(45:02) Rhonda Rousey, “My Fight / Your Fight”
(48:33) Sylvie’s everyday routines
(50:58) “In order to get what you really want, you have to be who you really are” -Tim Grover
(53:02) Chade-Meng Tan, “Joy on Demand”
(54:10) Mark Manson, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living the Good Life”
(54:56) Lewis Gordon Pugh, “21 Yaks and a Speedo: How to Achieve the Impossible”

Sylvie’s Blog Website:
YouTube Channel:
Instagram: @sylviemuay
Twitter: @_ittu

176: You’re not that good

Stop and ask yourself, “are you doing as well as you can in every aspect of your life?” If we are being honest with ourselves, the answer is no. In what ways are we restricting our growth based on the fact that we refuse to look at our own faults and shortcomings dead in the face? In this episode I give you a raw, emotional example from my life that made me stop and reexamine a particular aspect in my life and I give you 4 actionable steps you can take to ruthlessly weed out these flaws and improve on them.

Episode 176 Time Stamps:
(1:22) Intro and new website launch.
(1:38) 8 habits of the dominant athlete video series.
(2:30) My relationship with my daughter Samaya.
(5:47) Charlie Munger’s, “Poor Charlie’s Almanac”
(5:52) Commitment consistency bias.
(8:11) The overoptimism bias.
(9:02) Where are you deluding yourself?
(9:36) My experience as a firefighter.
(12:48) The disliking/hating bias.
(15:06) You can be better.
(16:38) Step 1: You have to look for the flaws before other people do
(17:42) Step 2: Feel the pain before others make you feel it
(20:14) Step 3: Have a system for reviewing and keeping yourself in check
(21:16) Step 4: Congratulate yourself when you feel the pain
(25:44) Reality check: You’re not as good as you think you are.
(27:05) Don’t be fake humble.

175: Robert Greene: Best Selling Author: “Mastery”, “48 Laws of Power”, “The 33 Strategies of War”, “The Art of Seduction”, “The 50th Law”

If you’ve listened to me long enough, you know my favorite book is none other than the 50th Law… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Best-Selling Author, Robert Greene to the Sports Motivation Podcast! As we discuss topics like literature, 50 Cent’s personality and work ethic, and having a purpose, realize that Robert found his true calling at the age of 36. If you think you’re late to choosing your ultimate path, you’re wrong. Years of DO-ing, will get you to where you need to be. Thanks for tuning in!

Episode 175 Time Stamps:
(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Robert!
(2:40) Un-tying yourself from the opinions of others
(8:02) Excel with your unique DNA
(10:51) Robert’s journey of discovery; started at age 36 | YouTube: Robert’s TED TALK
(14:50) The reality of “Wasted time” and “Failure” | Ryan Holiday’s, “Obstacle Is The Way”
(19:40) Among many things you cannot change, you CAN change your ATTITUDE.
(21:43) A story about Law #1: “Never Outshine the Master”
(26:10) Applying Law #48: “Assume Formless-ness”
(30:05) From “Mastery”, a feature with jet fighter pilot, Cesar Rodriguez.
(31:57) Hours and hours, leads to habitual success | 50 Cent’s incredible self-discipline
(33:28) The beginning of Robert Greene’s friendship with 50 Cent.
(38:00) The fear of releasing a book that will fail.
(40:47) Consistency in anything will always lead to improvement.
(42:28) Push through your most frustrating days. | Not being in the mood to do what you do, and how to combat this way of thinking.
(46:04) If it comes to easy; re-evaluate your work.
(47:35) Athletes that inspire Robert Greene
(52:56) Pro athlete “loyalty”… An insight from former Blazers Coach: Nicolas Batum
(56:00) Problems with human nature: A preview of Robert’s new book coming soon!
(58:17) The “shadow” side of our personalities.
(1:01:10) Having a PURPOSE.
(1:03:55) A handful of books recommended by Robert:
Machiavelli, “The Prince” | Casanova, “Art of Seduction” | Sun Tzu, “The Art of War” |  Carl Von Clausewitz, “On War” | Miyamoto Musashi, “The Book of 5 Rings”
(1:06:38) Robert’s dream-roundtable: Machiavelli, Napoleon Bonaparte, Muhammad Ali, MLK Jr.


Robert Greene’s, “Mastery”

Robert Greene’s, “48 Laws of Power”

Robert Greene’s, “The 33 Strategies of War”

Robert Greene’s, “The Art of Seduction”

Robert Greene and 50 Cent, “The 50th Law”


Twitter: @RobertGreene

Instagram: @robertgreeneofficial

174: Todd Stottlemyre: Former MLB Pitcher, Motivational Speaker, Author

Today, we welcome former MLB starting pitcher Todd Stottlemyre to the podcast!  He played 15 seasons in the league and is son to Mel Stottlemyre, former New York Yankees pitcher.  We talk about his story, what it took to pitch in the MLB for so many years, his philosophies on habits and goal setting, and much more.  You can find him at and can order his brand new book: “Relentless Success – 9-Point System for Major League Achievement.”

Episode 174 Time Stamps:
(1:25) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast Todd!
(2:34) Todd’s Story and Yankee Stadium
(5:35) “Second half of my life be all about other people”
(7:26) “Took me 20 years working at my craft before I reached the big leagues”
(8:55) All in, all the time mindset
(13:08) Realization of the Legendary Work Ethic
(15:19) “Real Genius is taking something simple and keeping it simple”
(17:02) “Kiss-Keep it simple stupid”
(22:44) Michael Jordan’s habits made him the GOAT
(24:21) 3 critical habits to Todd’s achievement
(26:10) “How do you become the best? You have to outwork the rest”
(29:03) Todd’s current focus
(32:09) Todd’s holistic approach
(36:07) Todd’s new book and 9 step goal setting
(41:47) Balancing all of life’s demands
(49:47) Robin Sharma’s, “The Leader Who Had No Title”
(50:12) Darren Hardy, “The Compound Effect”
(50:34) Jim Rohn, “Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle”
(50:52) George Clason, “The Richest Man in Babylon”
(52:42) Todd’s parting words and where to find him

Todd’s Website:
Todd’s Book, “Relentless Success”

173: Jairek Robbins: Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach

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Tune in to today’s interview as we welcome Jairek Robbins to the Sports Motivation Podcast! From best selling author, performance coach, and keynote speaker (just to name a few), expect a lively conversation that will improve your life in all aspects. Major takeaways from this interview include: how to manifest your most beneficial/positive emotions, the importance of establishing a concrete “North Star” vision, and the ultimate necessity of maintaining your health through proper sleep, nutrition, and movement. Be sure to keep that pen and pad ready, and don’t forget to check out Jairek’s bestselling Book, “Live It! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose”! Thanks for stopping by, Jairek!

Episode 173 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Jairek!
(2:13) Jairek’s story | The characteristics he’s developed from his parents | Money = “Don’t ask”
(16:15) The makings of your beliefs: 1. Observance, 2. Peer groups, 3. “Significant emotional experience”
(21:10) Charles Duhigg’s, “The Power of Habit” | What sets off the belief? | What’s the reward?
(26:43) Monitoring your nervous system during pressured situations
(30:30) What are your top 5 FAVORITE emotions to feel? | What are your top 5 NEGATIVE emotions to feel?
(37:33) Fueling emotions | Fast & Furious example
(42:15) BOOK: “The Happiness Hypothesis” | Pleasure vs. fulfillment
(44:57) A message for the ATHLETES: Power circle
(47:15) 11 key pieces that need to be PRESENT every day.
(47:29) Have a “NORTH STAR” vision
(48:50) Build the right habits and rituals that lead to your result | Charles Duhigg’s book, “The Power of Habit”
(51:35) Have a DEEP meaning and purpose
(55:35) Peer group metrics: 33% ahead of you | 33% is same level as you | 33% a couple steps behind you
(56:33) Learn how to be HAPPY | BOOK: “The Happiness Advantage”
(57:34) Total and absolute mental CLARITY | DEVICE: Muse
(1:01:55) Staying in a calm, focused place
(1:03:24) Sleep, nutrition, and movement
(1:05:59) Study on movement: Anti-depressant medication vs. Natural exercise
(1:12:35) Major keys to a healthy relationship | Give, not get
(1:14:36) – Allison Armstrong | Grab her resources!
(1:16:44) Helping a woman to vent
(1:22:20) Sleep, exercise, nutrition. It’s a collaborative effort.
(1:24:17) Showing love during the heroic moments.
(1:25:54) Women want to be understood.
(1:26:48) Reassurance.
(1:29:24) Look for Jairek on Udemy this fall! | BOOK: “Live It!” | All other resources below!



172: Dominate Time, Part 3: The Blueprint Time Mastery System

Making an investment to improve yourself is the most important step that others will never take… As we come to the conclusion of the Dominate Time series, I have some thing special for my listeners who want to take it next level. My Blueprint Time Mastery System is finally available to you all. Tune in for more information on how to begin making your very own blueprints! (P.S. This offer will not last…

Episode 172 Time Stamps:
(1:20) Brief recap of parts 1 & 2 of the Dominate Time Series
(2:10) What is your ULTIMATE Vision?
(3:55) Introducing… the “BLUEPRINT TIME MASTERY SYSTEM”
(6:33) Imagine living a life of full control… How beneficial would that be?
(7:25) What you can expect in the Blueprint Time Mastery System
(7:58) What’s accessible to you after you sign up.
(9:08) Registration is open TODAY, only until July 14th @ 10PM PACIFIC
(10:10) BONUS: The Daily Motivation System will be FREE for those who act FAST ($197 value)
(12:05) The importance of an investment.
(13:24) Questions? Email me at [email protected]

171: Dominate Time, Part 2: The 6 Step Process To Dominate Your Week

Part 2 of the Dominate Time series is a 6 step process that will bring you unbelievable clarity as you take on your week. Do you want to wake up and plan your day out based on how you feel? Or would you rather wake up already knowing what must be done for the day? … The answer is a NO BRAINER. Set up your week on Sunday, and crush it.

Episode 171 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome back! Part 2 begins now…
(2:23) A brief recap of Part 1
(3:47) What you will expect in today’s episode
(5:00) Make sure you have TIME-BLOCKS set up, before starting this 6 step process.
(6:24) Step 1: Ruthless self-evaluation.
(6:56) Step 2: Brain-dump.
(7:23) Steps 3 & 4: Create WEEKLY GOALS, personally and professionally.
(8:28) Step 5: WEEKLY SET-UP (Your time-blocks are like TETRIS pieces)
(9:37) Step 6: Input goal-based actions, in coordination with your weekly set-up and time-blocks.
(10:37) Do you have a system in place right now?
(11:02) A preview for Part 3!
Get Steven Covey’s book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

170: Dominate Time Series, Part 1: The 3 Biggest Time Management Mistakes

Over the course of the next three episodes, we’re gonna knock the unnecessary habits that distract you from getting things done. I’m here to teach you TIME DOMINATION, based off of my own life experiences. If there’s improvements to be made, why aren’t you acting upon them? Remember, I’m here to coach you up and get your wheels rolling, so expect to hear the necessary language. Sound good? C’mon man, let’s jump right into it!

Episode 170 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome, to Part 1 of the “Dominate Time” Series
(3:24) Can you describe, “time”?
(4:08) Don’t expect the simple, boring s**t here.
(6:04) Three most critical mistakes, when it comes to time-management.
(7:40) Mistake #1: No VISION.
(11:26) Mistake #2: You might be focused only on ACTIONS, and not OUTCOMES
(14:42) Mistake #3: No system to consistently achieve results.
(16:41) Work out once a week, and expect… nothing.
(17:16) My BBQ sauce is bomb… you want the recipe?
(19:16) Necessity is the mother of invention
(21:09) A preview for Part 2!
(21:51) What to do now…