273: How to find “true happiness”

Have you ever heard someone say “I just want to be happy”? Or maybe you have told yourself that you don’t want something, because that is not going to make you “happy”? The word itself is very misunderstood, and I think I know why. Listen to this conversation I had with a coaching group, explaining what my philosophy on happiness is.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) “What is your take on happiness?” Shoutout to Mark from KIV.
(2:17) An inside look into one of my Killer Instinct groups.

272: How to transform yourself into a KILLA

There are a lot of softies out there….. people afraid to go after a goal, preoccupied with the opinions of others, and too worried about how they appear to take a stand, and be a leader. For some of them there is no hope… but for a lot of them, they need a formula for how to transform themselves into a real killa… and by that I mean someone who knows how to be themselves, establish goals and turn them into reality, and repeat. The world needs more of these. Take a listen to hear my take.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) My brothers and I get into some heated debates…
(3:52) The definition of a “KILLA”
(5:50) We gotta be leaders.
(6:13) “Jungle rules”
(8:36) Rule #1: Set aggressive outcomes without limits.
(9:37) Rule #2: Boldly face reality, consistently.
(10:50) Rule #3: Go through the fire.
(11:51) Rule #4: Ruthlessly self-evaluate.
(13:06) Rule #5: Re-up.

271: How do you dream big and face reality at the same time?

We are told to dream big and ignore limitations, but at the same time we are told to stay connected to reality and know what’s true. How do you do both at the same time? What does this look like practically?

Time Stamps:
(1:22) “Dream big”
(3:02) Shoutout to Brad from Canada, for the birth of this episode.
(5:20) An inside look into one of my Killer Instinct groups.

270: I quit my job right after this (must listen)

2 years ago, I quit my stable job to enter the jungle and go after this entrepreneur shit… best decision I’ve ever made. In this episode I share with you the conversation that literally FORCED me to make the decision, and why it’s powerful. (disclaimer: I am NOT telling you to quit your job.)

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Control.
(3:53) I set a specific date for myself to quit my job, to go all in on my business.
(4:30) My interview with Thomas Tadlock was the game-changer for all of this…
(6:55) A throwback to episode #48

269: How to get someone to really trust and believe in you

How do you get a loved one, friend or teammate to really buy into your vision  and believe in you? In my experience, there are things that really don’t work, and some things that build trust like no other. In this episode, I break down how I’ve been able to gain the trust of my wife (for now at least lol)

Time Stamps:
(1:22) What we say is “best”, right?
(2:23) The trust factor in my relationship with my wife
(5:21) An analogy: Football 2-a-days TRUST IS A MUSCLE
(8:25) Tip #1: Know your goals and your dreams.
(8:48) Tip #2: Work from a PLAN.
(9:38) Tip #3: Don’t sweat mistakes!
(10:51) Tip #4: Doubt is a good thing.
(11:43) Tip #5: Share your wins and losses with your significant other.
(12:21) Tip #6: Act like you’ve won before.. (don’t sweat them either)
(13:01) POEM: “If” by Rudyard Kipling
(13:40) Tip #7: Think about those that you are serving; do for them, what is BEST for them!
(14:49) Tip #8: Don’t lie.
(15:33) Focus on yourself. Think about others. Be truthful. Be honest.

268: 3 Books I take with me EVERYWHERE

In this episode, I share with you 3 books that I have several copies of and take with me on every trip and keep by my bedside. When you hear their power, you’ll understand why.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Reggie Bush was always dedicated to squats parallels the importance of reading
(3:15) Practical, motivation, inspiring, and courageous books
(4:42) Book 1: Sun Tzu’s, “The Art of War”
(5:03) Why reading war-strategy based books can be beneficial for your life
(6:00) Snippets from “The Art of War”
(7:25) Book 2: Wallace D Wattles’, “The Science of Getting Rich”
(8:05) Snippets from “The Science of Getting Rich”
(10:10) Book 3: Yamamoto Tsunetomo’s, “Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai”
(10:47) Snippets from “Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai”
(13:20) What books do YOU bring with you? Do you bring books? Or just electronics…

261: How to Build Bulletproof Habits

Habits CAN be hard to create. But all of the impractical, vague advice we get about habits is usually to blame for that. So how do you actually create habits that stick and that last in any environment? Let me share my experience and advice.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(3:30) Habits
(5:59) The 10,000 hour rule
(8:15) Decide you really need to do this habit/get sold
(9:56) Examine your current reality
(11:34) Diagnose the cause of the bad habit
(12:45) Create a plan to replace a habit
(15:01) Visualize your habit going perfectly
(16:50) Craft with someone who’s practical
(18:29) Review the results
(20:26) Acknowledge wins
(22:53) Focus more on building the new habit
(24:24) The pornography habit
(27:26) OREOS
(28:27) An excerpt from “The Way of the Superior Man”

260: Reality Check for the “9-5” Athlete

It’s tough to make your dreams a reality while you work a” 9-5″ whether your dream is to create a business or make it as a pro. I’ve been able to make both transitions and I want to share my experience and some words of advice if you want to make your dreams happen.

Time Stamps:

(1:40) Shoutout to Dusty!
(1:50) Today’s episode topic
(4:18) Approach your craft or sport like a professional
(7:18) Protect your energy
(8:55) Protect your time
(10:03) Raise your standard
(11:13) Beliefs
(16:30) My mindset
(24:58) Begin to plot your escape
(26:36) No Days Off
(27:02) Wake up early
(27:57) Learn how to market yourself
(28:00) Top marketing books
(28:58) Learn to increase your value
(30:20) You don’t have a lot of time
(34:22) For the ladies


259: How to Solve any Problem

You ever talk to someone you know one day and they are struggling with a problem. Then you see them a few weeks, months, even years later and they have the SAME problem? And same complaints? Don’t let that be you. You need a formula for solving problems, and you need to know what unlocks your creativity and motivation to make progress. Check out today’s episode.

Time Stamps:

(1:30) Solving Problems
(3:09) Real Life Example
(5:54) Formula to Solving Problems
(6:19) Start with Desire
(7:26) Need to Solve the Problem
(9:08) Determination
(10:46) What are problems in your life?

258: How to Learn from Failure Part 1: My Story

I’ve made a ton of mistakes and even repeated the same costly mistakes. I’m sure we all have. But what separates the good from the great is how well they actually LEARN and profit from these mistakes and not just NOT repeat them….but use the lessons to make GAINS in other areas as well. In this episode, I take you up close and personal into my life and show you the almost fatal mistakes I made and how I’ve learned from them. I’m giving you KEYS….you don’t have to make the mistake to learn from it. It’s like going to a cookout…you can eat the BBQ without even cooking. (or paying lol)

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:57) Mistakes in my life
(6:57) Ray Dalio, “Principles
(7:30) Failed Relationship and Poor Decisions
(8:08) How I was raised and having kids
(19:34) What I learned
(24:16) Understand who has influence on you in your life
(26:48) My decisions based on your own principles despite the pain
(27:42) Don’t make decisions based on fear or desperation
(28:28) Make decisions with long term in mind
(28:50) Actions mean more than words
(30:11) Train yourself to be afraid of less
(33:34) What a failure you’ve had? [email protected]