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258: How to Learn from Failure Part 1: My Story

I’ve made a ton of mistakes and even repeated the same costly mistakes. I’m sure we all have. But what separates the good from the great is how well they actually LEARN and profit from these mistakes and not just NOT repeat them….but use the lessons to make GAINS in other areas as well. In this episode, I take you up close and personal into my life and show you the almost fatal mistakes I made and how I’ve learned from them. I’m giving you KEYS….you don’t have to make the mistake to learn from it. It’s like going to a cookout…you can eat the BBQ without even cooking. (or paying lol)

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:57) Mistakes in my life
(6:57) Ray Dalio, “Principles
(7:30) Failed Relationship and Poor Decisions
(8:08) How I was raised and having kids
(19:34) What I learned
(24:16) Understand who has influence on you in your life
(26:48) My decisions based on your own principles despite the pain
(27:42) Don’t make decisions based on fear or desperation
(28:28) Make decisions with long term in mind
(28:50) Actions mean more than words
(30:11) Train yourself to be afraid of less
(33:34) What a failure you’ve had? [email protected]

257: How to Get a PhD in Peak Performance

If you want to stand out and achieve at a high level, you have to be a PROFESSIONAL. That means working harder, being more skilled, and having a higher degree of awareness. But how do you do that and what other elements must be mastered to be ELITE? In this episode, I break it down.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:21) PhD in Peak Performance
(4:30) 7 elements of Peak Performance
(4:55) Create crystal clear vision
(5:37) Know who you are
(6:19) Master the art of setting goals
(6:53) Systems for managing your time and day
(7:41) Gametime Confidence
(9:00) Build Daily Confidence
(11:30) Killer Instinct System

256: How to Deal with Reality Better

A good way to know how soft and mentally weak someone…..just watch how they deal with the truth. If you want to be elite and consistently dominate them, you must get comfortable with reality and learn to use it and profit from it instead of run from it and defend yourself from it. I break it down tactically in this episode.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:18) Reality
(3:03) Robert Greene, “50th Law
(4:13) Dealing with reality better
(8:06) #1: Go towards the truth before other people do
(12:40) Deep diaphragmic breathing
(14:08) #2: Train yourself to deal with reality
(15:52) Karen Pryor, “Don’t Shoot the Dog
(17:29) How to reward yourself after reinforcing yourself
(18:36) Carol Dweck, “Mindset
(19:36) #3: Always define clear calls to action
(21:19) #4: Find the lesson in the truth fast
(23:00) #5: Have your failures embedded in your nervous system
(25:10) #6: Spent time studying other successful people’s reality
(28:00) Felix Dennis, “How to Get Rich
(31:03) What are the realities that you are running from?

255: 3 Habits to Increase your Confidence

Anyone who’s ever struggled with confidence knows how detrimental it is. I have 3 tactical ways I increase my confidence on a daily basis. Listen in and find out what I use and how you can use these tactics in your life to keep killing it.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:40) Confidence
(3:31) Hill Sprints
(4:26) #1: And-1 Mentality
(9:04) #2: Affirmations
(11:05) #3: Watch those who have the goals you want
(13:43) Killer Instinct System- 

254: How to move before you are ready

We all want to accomplish our ultimate goals. Action is a prerequisite. However, some of you are too afraid to move before you feel you are ready. This can’t be you. You gotta move despite the fear. Listen as I explain practically how to make moves before you are ready and I explain Killer Instinct Vto those who want to take their game and life to the next level.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:53) Chris’s Question
(2:42) Robert Greene, “50th Law
(5:31) Set aggressive goals and timelines
(6:48) Evidence Procedure
(9:13) Put yourself on Death Ground
(10:27) Environment
(11:18) Accountability
(11:27) @niyisobo on IG
(12:40) Power moves
(12:59) Exaggerate pain
(14:52) Move fast
(17:58) What are you putting off?

Again, Killer Instinct V.

253: 5 mistakes I made last month

Have you ever made a mistake and kept repeating it? The signs were there but it wasn’t until you really sat down and thought about them that you really recognized them? I want to share with you 5 mistakes I’ve made over the past month and longer so that you might do the same and take inventory of your thoughts and actions. If you have a hard time seeing the patterns in yourself, I also explain why Killer Instinct would be a great benefit to you.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(1:25) Aggressively learn
(2:22) Learning from mistakes
(3:02) 5 mistakes I’ve made the past month
(4:07) Wondering if I communicating the right way
(6:02) Thinking I am going too hard on people
(9:34) Not getting enough sleep
(12:46) Not talking about my issues and problems more proactively
(15:14) Not doing what I felt I needed to do versus what was rational


Again, to apply for Killer Instinct 5.

252: How to Deal with Pressure you put on Yourself

So you have set a high standard for yourself, and all that pressure is making you crumble… Do you lower your standard? Set new goals? Have a meltdown? In this episode, I address a question from a listener and address the real problem behind the “pressure” and what to do about it.

Time Stamps

(2:02) Shoutout to Audrey!
(2:15) How do you deal with the pressure you put on yourself?
(4:18) Emotions
(6:41) Pressure and frustration
(10:03) Failure
(12:06) You’re too hard on yourself
(14:31) What you learn from “failure”
(15:28) Pay attention to the pain
(16:58) AN ANNOUNCEMENT! Killer Instinct V

251: The I’m Not You Mindset

Whether you are an avid listener or a first timer, I’m Not You is not just my company. It’s an idea. A philosophy. I do not want to be like anyone else. Understand that and listen as I explain what the I’m Not You Mindset is and what it will take to adopt this mentality.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:03) I hope you are awake
(3:24) What is the I’m Not You Mindset?
(4:47) A reality check
(8:39) We are heavily influenced by our environment
(17:00) The education system
(21:50) Church
(27:00) Fearless Academy
(29:13) The I’m Not You Mindset
(32:13) #1: Throwing up the middle finger to the establishment
(35:08) #2: Set Big Goals
(43:03) #3: Don’t be afraid of money
(48:38) J. Paul Getty
(49:32) #4: Chip on your shoulder
(59:22) Killer Instinct 5

250: How to Stay in Killer Mode even when your Results Slow up or Plateau

You ever been killing it in the gym or towards a goal, and then your results slow up? It’s funny how easy motivation can wane when you don’t see tangible results. You and I both know that you’re not always going to see crazy results, especially the more advanced you get. Gains get harder and harder to come by. But how do you stay a killer even when the results slow up? I break it down in this episode.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) 220 lean and shredded is my goal
(3:35) Stagnation
(6:12) New results take a new level of thinking
(8:04) The Mental Checklist
(8:14) Notice the progress you’ve made
(9:12) Acknowledge how far you are from the goal now
(10:42) Eliminate peer comparisons
(11:46) Get in touch with your extreme mentor
(13:48) Raise your standard
(15:42) What new extremes can you take on?
(16:31) Step your game up!

249: A Reality Check for you Soft Ass “Millennials”

A lot of soft people who need to hear this episode. If your feelings hurt, then this episode was exactly for you. Let’s hope it leads to fewer selfies, less time binging on Netflix, fewer conversations about all that’s unfair in the world and more action towards creating value for yourself, your families, and the world. Take a listen, I’m sure you’ll be implicated in some way. Warning: I blacked out about 5 mins in. Enjoy.

(1:22) Am I a Millenial?
(3:00) I have questions for you
(3:42) What type of impact are you having on others?
(3:56) Are you struggling financially?
(4:43) Are you working for someone else and don’t like it?
(5:07) How many people would be at your funeral?
(9:11) The Millennial Mindset
(13:08) #1: Nobody cares about you
(14:31) #2: You don’t deserve anything except what you have
(16:16) #3: You are not that valuable
(18:19). #4: You are lazy and soft
(20:45) #5: You are a follower
(21:19) #6: Your opinion doesn’t matter
(24:32) #7: You idolizing everyone else
(30:45) You will win if you are patient
(32:48) What you should do now