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281: The test for those who want to “go-pro” or “be a millionaire”

So many people claim to want to be a professional athlete, an entertainer or just rich in general…so here’s the test. Listen to this episode and see if you’re committed, or just bullshitting.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Do you want to go pro, or become a “millionaire”?
(2:58) Deion Sanders
(3:41) #1: Decide that you want that goal.
(3:52) #2: Define the end game in vivid detail.
(4:33) #3: Write down all the things you do, that do not relate to your end goal. CROSS them out.
(5:00) #4: Write down what is necessary to do for you to reach the goal.
(5:23) #5: Print out a template for an empty week.
(5:39) #6: Create an average week schedule.
(6:33) #7: Look. Breathe. ASK.
(10:34) You reap what you sow.
(13:48) Am I talking to you, or are you eavesdropping?
(15:47) OFF-mode.
(18:57) In order to be strong, you have to be weak.
(21:41) Stop bullshitting.
(23:55) Don’t forget to Get Ya Mind Right.
(24:52) Have you left me a review yet?

280: Lost Files: How To Transform Your Environment

This is an episode I recorded and never released…I get very personal, and struggled over whether to be this honest with those that follow and listen to me. I’m a firm believer in honesty and regular doses of reality, so I decided to bless you all with this rare episode. Listen as I share my frustrations, insights and jewels.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Let me get down to earth with you real quick…
(5:40) Money is the motive, even for the
(7:01) As you grow, you become more sensitive to your environment
(9:02) Example: What shoes you got on?
(12:29) The purpose of a High School Diploma.
(13:26) Be careful who subconsciously influences you.
(17:27) Are you tuned into your environment? Who does your kid hang around?
(20:20) Time to cut some people out of your life…
(21:23) Stay away from people who… are AFRAID TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH
(23:00) Stay away from people who… are CLOSED-MINDED
(24:46) Stay away from people who… MAKE A CASE FOR AVERAGENESS
(27:23) Stay away from people who… are AGAINST GROWTH
(28:26) Stay away from people who… VIOLATE YOUR CORE VALUES
(30:21) Stay away from people who… IMMEDIATELY GIVE YOU A FUNNY FEELING
(31:05) Stay away from people who… are VICTIMS
(31:34) Do you hang around any of these people?
(33:17) Reality Check for your current situation
(35:47) What’s your game-plan?
(37:05) You deserve to have a healthy, growing environment
(40:00) Avoid the “bums”
(42:00) Do you read your goals off of piece of paper?
(43:57) If you listen and you apply, THIS IS FOR YOU.
(45:27) “F**K YOU”
(48:23) I told myself I wanted to be a lawyer, in college… WTF
(51:23) Establish your own methods for success. BE A LEADER.
(52:16) Separate yourself for a bit. Get in alignment.
(56:37) A message from me to you.

279: Kenyatta Griggs: The Spiritual Laws of Success

Kenyatta Griggs took his skill and hustle of cutting hair from a side business, to owning one of the most successful salons on Crenshaw Blvd, to starting the Hip Hop Motivation Corporation, writing books with moguls like Dame Dash, creating movies and sharing the timeless laws and codes of success with millions of people around the world. When I came across Kenyatta’s work, I knew we would vibe…I had to interview this dude. And the interview went even better than I imagined…He dropped 90 minutes worth of jewels, and certainly left room for a part 2. enjoy this interview, you’ll be rewinding and replaying, I promise.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Kenyatta’s story
(3:40) A lesson from getting shot 6 times
(4:53) Don’t wait for something tragic to happen, to make your move.
(6:20) Forget the outside opinions, keep your hustle going.
(7:10) Moving out of your comfort zone!
(10:20) Embracing conflict in Kenyatta’s environment.
(12:45) The Hip Hop Motivation Corporation
(15:02) “It’s everything I be and everything I see.” Kenyatta on God and religion
(16:50) Natural Law of Polarity: “All truths are but half-truths.”
(19:32) Self-ish, self-less, positives, and negatives.
(23:49) Add value to self, before adding value to others (example: Mother’s relationship to their child)
(27:00) Understanding transgressions, knowledge of self.
(31:48) The Seven Hermetic Laws | BOOKS: “Ancient Future” by Wayne Chandler, and “The Kybalion” by the Three Initiates
(41:35) It’s how you think, first… but it’s MORE than that. | Masculine vs. Feminine
(52:38) Breaking/ignoring natural law (example: McDonald’s advertising)
(59:04) Advice for a talented craftsman, leaving their craft behind for a secure job.
(1:03:38) Kenyatta’s relationship with Dame Dash, Rocafella, “Culture Vultures”, “Think & Ballout”, and his relationship with Redman
(1:12:48) NOTABLE BOOKS: “Faith is Your Fortune” and “Resurrection” by Neville Goddard | “Ancient Future” by Wayne Chandler | “The Kybalion” by the Three Initiates | “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly Hall | “Modern Sex Magick” by Donald Michael Kraig | “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy | “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
(1:17:42) The Secret to Ballin: Journey at | IG @hip_hop_motivator | “Culture Vultures” on Amazon | “Think & Ballout” on iTunes/Amazon

278: The Mindset of the weak and average part 4: The “trophy” mindset

This is the mindset I see the most in my clients, followers and friends….it’s dangerous. Listen to the last part of the weak mindset series, and check out the solution on how to overcome these weaknesses and take on the mindset of the most dominant athletes and high performers in the world.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Change
(4:20) The motivation behind this series
(6:26) A brief review of the previous 3 episodes
(10:05) Shoutout to author Neville Goddard
(12:00) Introduction to mindset #4
(12:50) Netflix’s, “The Hunt” vs. REALITY
(20:30) The “trophy” mindset
(24:45) Relatable mindset?
(29:32) IG ROAST ?
(31:08) What the winners do.
(32:45) Kobe’s rookie mindset
(35:57) You must develop a mindset like the greats do.
(37:17) 11 ways of thinking that will make you dominant…
(39:19) Invest in yourself.

277: The Mindset of the weak and average part 3: The “humble” mindset

One of my favorite quotes from Robert Greene says this…”When you’re humble, you reap the wages of humility”. Religion, sports and our parents give us a lot of mixed messages growing up, and the whole idea of being “humble” is certainly one of them. This mindset has shackled up many dreams and goals….Is this you? ?. In this episode, I break down the evidence of this mindset and what to do if you have it. Take a listen.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) What’s holding you back?
(2:57) A review of the first two mindsets
(5:07) The “humble” mindset
(6:25) This starts at a young age for all of us.
(9:06) How this “humble” mindset affects us today.
(10:31) Fortune favors the bold.
(11:50) Dealing with humility.
(14:20) The more value, the more money.

276: The Mindset of the weak and average part 2: The “stingy” mindset

This mindset is very prevalent amongst the “entrepreneurs” of the world, especially the ones with very little results. Hope this isn’t you…but if it is, I show you how to shift this mindset. Take a listen.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) What mindsets are making you average?
(4:48) The story behind this mindset
(10:45) The “stingy” mindset
(17:23) Have you been in this zone before?
(18:08) “Overtraining”
(20:36) Push yourself!
(23:48) Reflect upon yourself.