242: Sports Psychologist Dr. Jack Llewellyn

242: Sports Psychologist Dr. Jack Llewellyn

In this interview, I dig into the mindset, experience, and techniques of a certified OG in the sports psychology game. Dr. Jack Llewellyn has spent over 45 years working with pro and elite basketball, baseball, and football players and helping them overcome negative thought patterns, anxiety, and poor performance to ultimately become their best. He breaks down his incredible journey and gives real life, reality-based advice that you can start implementing immediately. You will want to listen to this.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(2:10) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast Dr. Jack!
(8:00) Jack’s work with John Smoltz
(12:14) Universal patterns of struggle
(17:40) Working with athletes and visualization
(20:20) Watching the mistakes
(23:18) Positive and Negative Reinforcement
(30:26) Approaching high standards, SMART Goals, and Reengineering the Goal
(39:19) Medication and Mental Struggles
(44:11) Parents
(50:31) Sport may be the only vehicle left for children to interact and learn life skills
(51:58) Dr. Jack’s habits and life advice
(55:16) Where you can find Dr. Jack

Where to Find Dr. Jack and his books:

Coming in First: Twelve Keys to Being a Winner Every Day
Winning Sure Beats Losing and Here’s What You Can Do About It
Commonsense Leadership: No-Nonsense Rules for Improving Your Mental Game and Increasing Your Team’s Performance
Dr. Jack’s Website
Dr. Jack’s Podcast: You Don’t Know Jack: The Mental Game Behind Performance