234: Fearless Leader Part 2: Be Afraid of No One

234: Fearless Leader Part 2: Be Afraid of No One

In part 2 of the fearless leader series, I get more raw and real. Some of you are so afraid of conflict that you won’t have a convo with your wife, won’t talk to a friend, and won’t ask for what you want. If that’s you, listen to this episode and I’ll show you how to break free from that.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:30) Continuing the Fearless Leadership Series
(2:38) Shoutout to Tahlia, Theresa, and Cynthia for your emails
(3:07) Tahlia’s Email
(3:56) I feel like a general in an army
(6:13) Send me your thoughts or topic suggestions at [email protected]
(7:47) I have to take my honesty and rawness to the next level
(11:30) You have to be a leader
(13:09) What’s preventing you from leading?
(17:04) How to know if you are scared
(17:07) Something is not right or there’s something you want and then tell yourself reasons for not speaking up
(21:05) #1: Identify the situation in front of you that needs to be addressed
(21:22) #2: Create a strategy immediately to deal with the situation based on logic and reason
(22:48) #3: Go do it! Execute!
(24:38) #4: Evaluate
(26:35) Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote
(27:05) Your new G-Code


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