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169: How to speed up your results

Think about the 5 people in your life that you spend the most time with at this very moment… Are these individuals helping you grow and expand at a fast pace? Or are you stuck in the same place because your peers don’t benefit your growth and vision? Listen attentively and take notes as I take you through 10 practical strategies to change and enhance your peer group, allowing you to grow at an exponential rate.

Episode 169 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Would speeding your results up benefit you?
(2:41) A quick story about a friend.
(4:40) Change your peer group, to challenge yourself!
(6:09) BOOK: Napoleon Hill’s, “Outwitting The Devil”
(9:30) Reasons why we don’t change our peer group
(11:34) Speed up your results, Pt. 1: READ your a** off!
(11:42) BOOK: Seneca, “On The Shortness of Life”
(13:31) Speed up your results, Pt. 2: Define what you clearly want
(14:10) Speed up your results, Pt. 3: Tell your friends your vision and what you want
(14:37) Speed up your results, Pt. 4: Start teaching and mentoring people
(15:10) Speed up your results, Pt. 5: Find virtual mentors
(16:00) Speed up your results, Pt. 6: Be apart of a coaching program
(16:51) Speed up your results, Pt. 7: Fly out to go to a seminar
(17:06) Speed up your results, Pt. 8: Send a gift to a mentor
(17:38) Speed up your results, Pt. 9: Add value by becoming an intern or volunteer
(18:11) Speed up your results, Pt. 10: Go to the “Fishing Holes”

168: Ben Kenyon: Portland Trailblazers Performance Coach, The YOUnique Piece

I’m excited to present this episode to my hoopers, and to the world; a conversation with the Portland Trailblazers’ Performance Coach, Ben Kenyon. You hear NBA players being interviewed all the time… but what about the trainers behind the scenes? That’s right. Expect an unbeatable career story, followed by major keys to improve your game. If you’re wondering why your team is in a slump, Ben has the right words for you. Take notes, take action, and say what’s up to Mr. Kenyon himself through his social media accounts.

Episode 168 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Ben!
(2:42) The journey to the Trailblazers
(8:35) Ben’s role with the pro’s
(13:10) It’s important to “Be the best for the TEAM, and not for everyone else”
(16:00) The right leadership truly runs the team.
(17:53) Terry Stotts’ leadership, as he leads the team
(19:22) “Sweat equity” | Experience is everything!
(23:06) To the hoopers listening: WORK, and LOVE | A hooper’s “audit”
(25:02) Maximizing your game: Focus on your ONE specific STRENGTH.
(27:25) BOOK: Peter Drucker’s, “Managing One’s Self”
(28:34) Spending time with your strengths, and weaknesses
(33:58) CJ McCollum’s “dog-like mentality”
(37:16) The role models and mentors in Ben’s life
(42:12) Get familiar with Ben’s movement! The YOUnique Piece!
(48:07) Final thoughts…
(48:48) Ben is reachable on all social media platforms. Check the links below to connect!

PODCAST: The YOUnique Piece Podcast
INSTAGRAM: @ben_kenyon_ | @theyouniquepiece
TWITTER: @Ben_kenyon_ | @youniquepiece
EMAIL: [email protected]


167: How to perform better under pressure

Whether you’re trying to make the winning free throws in a game, or figuring out how to plan the perfect day for your spouse, performing under pressure is key to success in any situation.  In today’s episode, I take you through 9 practical steps in order to perform better while under pressure.  These steps are clutch and will take your focus and game time performance to the next level.

Episode 167 Time Stamps:

(2:00) My story growing up
(3:41) My experiences with Holidays and Birthdays
(10:45) What are you avoiding due to discomfort?
(13:40) Under Pressure, Pt. 1: You have to decide to face the pressure and master it.
(14:42) Under Pressure, Pt. 2: Examine and understand the pressure.
(15:50) Under Pressure, Pt. 3: Understand, then minimize your fear of pressure.
(17:00) Under Pressure, Pt. 4: Create a plan for perfection.
(18:09) Under Pressure, Pt. 5: Make that plan part of your identity.
(18:55) Under Pressure, Pt. 6: You have to go through the fire.
(19:30) Under Pressure, Pt. 7: Accept non-perfection.
(20:51) Under Pressure, Pt. 8: Use the feedback that you get to systematically raise your standard.
(21:33) Under Pressure, Pt. 9: Keep at it!  Keep Improving!

166: George Mumford: Mindfulness Expert, Sports Psychologist, Author of “The Mindful Athlete”

Today is a special day, as we welcome George Mumford to the Sports Motivation Podcast! By now you know that “The Mindful Athlete” is one of my favorite books, and to have George on today’s episode is a major blessing. George has taught legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant the essence of meditation. Phil Jackson says “The Bulls’ championship was saved by players who believed in Mumford’s one-mind one-breath efforts.” Tune in for our conversation about George’s beginnings, hardships, collaboration with the greats, and his expertise on Mindfulness. Be sure to listen to this episode twice! You might miss a few gems.


Episode 166 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, George!
(3:00) George tells his story | Baptism by fire, through hardships
(10:39) Mindfulness.
(15:24) Interpret your pain; watch what happens.
(16:55) Understanding your nervous system.
(17:43) Create space between stimulus and response. | Being aware in thoughts vs. being lost in thoughts.
(20:04) Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
(22:09) The reality of anxiety
(24:10) Children see adventure before anxiety; we must develop willingness to investigate (curiosity).
(26:44) Strong self-efficacy.
(28:58) Gaining steady knowledge along your path.
(30:15) “Exposure Therapy”
(32:57) George’s daily gains through Mindfulness, learning, practicing, and teaching.
(35:28) We are all ONE… The Bible = George’s top impactful book
(38:17) Develop your own concept of a higher power.
(43:47) We are all divine in our own ways.
(45:29) “AOF”: it’s not for those who need it, it’s for those who WANT it.
(49:30) George teaches kids, but perhaps it’s the other way around… | UTOPIA
(53:26) The Johnny Appleseed approach.
(58:28) Common characteristics among the GREATEST athletes.
(1:01:42) You gotta know who you are, so you can be who you are, no matter WHERE you are.
(1:04:30) You must have a MASTERMIND group. “It takes a village!”


Visit the site,
George’s book, “The Mindful Athlete”

165: How to be more disciplined

Discipline is a fundamental concept that embodied different meanings to different people in society. Some believe it is a myth while other’s believe it is the greatest trait one can have. In today’s episode, I break down what I believe discipline is (and means), based on my experiences and through what I have read. Take notes as I teach you the 5 parts of establishing and sustaining discipline in your life, as well as creating and perpetuating your habits.


Episode 165 Time Stamps:

(1:54) The initial natural growing process
(3:42) Discipline’s perception in society
(3:50) “The One Thing” By Gary Keller
(5:44) “The Art of Living” by Bob Proctor
(5:49) Bob Proctor’s Definition of Discipline
(7:40) Step 1: Decide to be more disciplined
(10:07) Step 2: Create a Vision
(13:17) Step 3: Create Habits to Support your Vision
(14:25) READ BOOKS!
(15:06) Step 4: Focus on that One Major Habit
(15:48) Step 5: Track Everything
(19:40) It Comes Down to Your Identity

164: How to avoid burnout

You’ve done a lot so you deserve to be exhausted, right? Even your friends gas you up on your hard work, so you decide to yourself a break… Be CAREFUL guys. Remember the ultimate prize that you seek; and remember that you got the juice to wake up every day to put in your best efforts to advance yourself. Reward yourself for your small wins, then continue to keep pushing. Become a machine. AVOID THE BURNOUT! Go get that trophy. Aight?

Episode 164 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Peep the GYMR PODCAST (link)
(2:50) Thank you guys for today’s episode!
(5:48) “Burnout” is applicable to EVERYONE
(7:09) I’m still figuring out the secrets to many things, but here’s a major key.
(9:04) Be really for some realities about “burnout”
(9:21) It isn’t the end of the world.
(11:13) Do you have solid plans?
(12:30) Are you tracking/celebrating your wins?
(17:18) Do you know the purpose to what you’re doing?
(20:20) Schedule your day intentionally.
(24:07) This is why I think you’re burned-out… (and don’t be offended.)
(26:34) People will gas you up.
(31:20) You have a choice when you feel this way.
(33:52) Ask yourself THESE questions to conclude today’s episode.

163: Keys to Being Fearless: Separate Yourself From the Masses

The last episode to our KEYS TO BEING FEARLESS mini-series, focuses on how to separate yourself from everyone else. Some people in your life will slowly drift away, while others must be removed from your environment. We must be self-reliant, so let me show you how. After listening, play this mini-series again from the top!

Episode 163 Time Stamps:

(1:32) A brief recap…
(3:45) Today’s topic can be viewed as a reality check
(3:55) The masses, are afraid of change | The “inconsistency avoidance bias”
(5:40) If what you will do is significant, expect haters and people who don’t understand.
(6:35) Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, “Essays on Self-Reliance”
(8:02) Reality: Some of your friends/family will fall off.
(8:23) Deal with it, Pt. 1: Gain clarity with yourself
(9:09) Deal with it, Pt. 2: All in, no money out.
(9:21) Deal with it, Pt. 3: Find a power circle.
(9:48) Deal with it, Pt. 4: Ignore the opinions that don’t matter.
(10:52) Deal with it, Pt. 5: Listen and value the opinions of leaders.
(11:18) Deal with it, Pt. 6: Learn how to comfort yourself.
(11:57) The power of self-reliance
(14:29) Did you take the time to put in the necessary work?
(15:36) FEAR OUTRO (featuring Will Smith)

162: Keys to Being Fearless: Know Yourself

Know yourself, know your wealth! The 3rd KEY TO BEING FEARLESS is the understanding of SELF. You must know how you operate, so you can crush it on and off the field. Tune in for seven important steps for self-evaluation, to boost your awareness. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Episode 162 Time Stamps:

(1:43) Why do I do what I do? This is why.
(3:12) Everybody’s scared. Everybody’s driven by FEAR.
(4:40) A brief recap of the previous episodes.
(5:52) Today is all about knowing yourself.
(6:01) Sun Tzu’s, “The Art of War” | Lao Tzu’s, “Tao Te Ching”
(8:08) The things that you MUST know about yourself
(8:23) #1: Know what outcomes are you responsible for.
(10:25) #2: Know what is required to accomplish these outcomes.
(11:30) #3: Know how you BEST learn. | Peter Drucker’s, “Managing Oneself”
(13:40) #4: Know how you receive love. | Gary Chapman’s, “The Five Love Languages”
(17:46) #5: Know how much sleep you need.
(18:50) #6: Know your bloodline values. | Tony Robbin’s, “Awaken The Giant Within”
(19:54) #7: Know your liabilities: in character, and skill.
(20:49) What to do NOW…

161: Keys to Being Fearless: Live by Rule

In Part 2 of the KEYS TO BEING FEARLESS series, we live by RULE. Learn how to set rules and mandates for yourself, so when times get tough, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through it fam, on top of that, I’ll read you my own rules. Live FEARLESS!

Episode 161 Time Stamps:

(1:33) Don’t be driven by fear.
(3:46) James Allen’s concept: You Must Live By Rule
(4:15) BOOK: James Allen’s, “Mastery of Destiny” (The Training of the Will)
(6:32) A story about “Coco” and “Tito”
(9:28) In every department of your life, RELIGIOUSLY adhere to your rules.
(11:06) In tough situations, my RULES guide the way.
(12:38) Your mandates.
(13:14) Make sure it’s personal.
(14:00) Word them in the form of COMMANDS.
(14:25) Rate yourself on how you aligned with your rules (On a scale of your choice)
(14:36) How would it look like to live in alignment with your rules?
(15:42) My personal RULES and MANDATES.
(23:00) Create your rules, and email me them!